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Welcome to Nitrio Tech, we are expert in Gas Installation System and Gas Detector Installation. We also supply various products such as Fixed Gas Detector, Flame Detector and Portable Gas Detector.


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Factory Chemical Leakage:             5 Things You Should to Know

Factory Chemical Leakage: 5 Things You Should to Know

In these past two month, Pasir Gudang Johor was happened two crisis problems of chemical spill those cause illegal dumping of toxic waste into Sungai Kim Kim in Pasir Gudang and The fire and explosion at the Pengerang Integrated Complex (PIC)  These horrible cases was...

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Nitrio Tech has been continuously evolving since its conception nearly 12 years ago. The branch offices was established in the Malaysia & Singapore in 2007.

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We provide products for your business needs, our high quality product will give you a satisfaction as it is compliance with registered certification

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Nitrio Tech is capable of handling all of your system needs such as System Design, Installation, Calibration service, Testing & Commissioning, Factory Acceptance Test, Site Acceptance Test, Data Visualization Programming, and etc


Nitriotech is professional in system design and installation for the gas detection. You can leave your worries as we can provides the well-done performance in testing and commissioning to ensure everything is perfect. Every products which we provides that are verified by highest quality grade. We also have monitor and maintain the gas detector to reduce any future complication.


We are authorised to install and perform services for your gas detector. We are also a repair centre to give you peace of mind in term of safety in your premises or site.

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